About Me

Hi, I'm Carlos Antonio, although I go by disusered online. I am a software developer and cloud architect by profession. I have a longstanding interest in free and open source software, and have contributed to a number of projects over the years, as well as maintaining some of my own.

Professionally, I am interested in the web and web development, cloud computing, SRE, devops, AI/ML, and LLMs. I have worked in many fields ranging from creative agencies, developer tooling, healthcare, cryptocurrency, and education.

I was previously an interface designer and still have a love for well designed and well intentioned interfaces. My understanding of good design has evolved over the years from "aesthetically pleasing" to concerns about accessibility, usability, availability, and avoidance of dark patterns.

As a hobbyist, I am interested in the small web, distributed and decentralized computing, command line interfaces, and human-computer interaction. I care about online privacy and security, and believe that the web has become much less interesting and useful as it has become more centralized and driven by advertising revenue.

I was previously interested in cryptocurrency, being an early employee at México's first Bitcoin exchange, but crypto's adoption by scammers and opportunists has made me abandon the field almost entirely. I was a proponent of virtual reality and the metaverse, having owned a VR headset since the DK2, although I feel the technology has failed to deliver on its potential.

Beyond technology, I enjoy tending to my garden, and am a proponent of permaculture, natural farming, and regenerative agriculture. I enjoy composting, vermiculture, indigenous and effective microorganisms (IMO/EM) and other DIY approaches to gardening. I am also interested in foraging, fermenting, pickling, and cooking.

I enjoy doing yoga and weightlifting, and I give adult swimming classes at the municipal pool on the weekends. I own too many cats 🐈 and wish I could adopt every stray I find.